Thursday, January 29

Light Coat / CSA

This year's CSA will launch Feb. 1! Mark your calendar!  This light coat will be part of it - lightweight linen, on-seam pockets, long sleeves, and tie waist.
(the CSA is like a clothing subscription. it stands for community supported apparel! there are several groups of clothing to purchase in advance, at a discount, delivery will be in June.)

Wednesday, January 21

Dress deal extended

I am extending the front seam dress deal - it will end on 1/25/15!
I removed the paypal button from the post. It's funny, I felt at odds with having a "buy it now" option on this blog, but I put it up there after reading so much about how I "have to have a way to allow customers to buy instantly!" to NAB the SALE. Well, that really isn't what i'm about with this. I feel like impulse purchases never quite turn out right. So! if you would like a front seam dress - email me!
for more information look 2 posts below.

Sunday, January 18

January thaw

Frances and I walked around Mackworth Island today. We went to a farm stand yesterday, and the lady there said, "Gonna be a real thaw tomorrow." So, there you have it! Today was January thaw day. Forty degrees, and a persistent mist.

Friday, January 16

Front Seam Dress Deal!

Front seam dress - made in a rustic textured, open weave linen. Drop shoulder, v-neck, center seam at front and back. Straight, easy shape. Made to order.

colors - black, camel, grey, indigo, sand, white

measurements flat
underarm to underarm - s20", m21", l22"
across waist - s20", m21", l22"
length from shoulder to waist seam - s17", m17.5", l18"
sleeve length from neck line - s18", m18.5", l19"
total length - max. length 34"

Price - $90 + shipping
if you would like to purchase - email me,
tell me your size, a color, a desired length, and a book recommendation!
i will then send an invoice via paypal.
offer ends Jan. 25, 2015 - extending offer because the paypal button was confusing!

Sunday, January 11


Yesterday Frances took the SSAT (secondary school admissions test) which was administered at Hebron Academy. The top photo is the building where the test was located. Funny thing is, my grandfather attended Hebron in the early 1900's. The archive was in the basement of that building, but it was closed. I met the Dean of the school, and he was very gracious. I kind of barged in to his office - not knowing he was the Dean - as the door was open, and he was there. I told him that I was here with my daughter, and that my grandfather had attended the school. He dropped what he was doing, and he tried to contact the archive director, and then tried to open the archive with his set of mysterious keys. No luck. We had a good laugh when I told him my grandfather was the biscuit eating champion of his class. He said "We should bring that superlative back!". School mascot? The Lumberjack.
The other photos are from driving around Norway, and Paris! What a cool place.
And, Frances walked out of the test with a good smile.

Monday, January 5

tradition dress deal - ends tomorrow!

Two spots left for the dress deal! Ends tomorrow! scroll down to previous post for all the information on how to take part!

Friday, January 2

Tradition Dress DEAL!

Happy New Year!
I love 2015 already!
I hope everyone had an excellent holiday time!

Let's begin this new year with a DRESS DEAL!
If I can round up10 orders for the TRADITION DRESS, then we are good to go! AND, I will cap it at 10 orders so get in early :) YES you can order more than 1 dress!
Dress deal will close at 10 orders, or on Jan. 6th whichever comes first.

Tradition Dress description - based on a traditional Mexican day dress, straight cut dress with on-seam pockets, pleats at front of yoke, and center pleat at back, side vents, scoop neck.
measurements flat
small - across yoke 19" across hip 24" total length 34"
medium - across yoke 20" across hip 24" total length 34"
large - across yoke 20.5" across hip 24" total length 34"

can be hemmed shorter, longer will be an additional charge of $10

How it works - email me, ( and I will invoice you via paypal. I will order the fabric on Jan. 7th. When it arrives I will start sewing in order of first to respond, first served.

How Much - $90 plus shipping, so tell me where you live in your email!!! this is open to overseas friends!

SCROLL! SCROLL! for colors! if you don't see your color, let me know! if you can wear pink, the bright pink is a really good color. and, ginger is great. and, citron. and navy....

  black, cement

 grey, natural

 ginger, mustard

 rust, yellow

 citron, bright pink

 navy, tropic

 pale sky, olive


READY!? GO! xx

Thursday, December 11

Bronze dresses!

I was so happy to find more of this bronze linen! I have only a bit of it, but enough to make a few things. This material has a beautiful, subtle shimmer. It's a quiet glow like a candle. So pretty. I love the texture too (but, it can be pressed on the reverse side if you don't care for it). I will put these in the Etsy shop!